Man standing on the top of the hill with his Super73-RX Dark Earth


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Super73 Cafe Racer bike

SUPER73 Cafe Racer

Introducing our latest creation, the SUPER73 Cafe Racer, crafted with a rich moto heritage in mind.
Super73 and Daily paper bike

SUPER73 and Daily Paper

SUPER73 has collaborated with the Dutch fashion brand Daily Paper to create a limited custom bike inspired by the unique biking culture of Amsterdam.
Vissla and Super73 Custom Bike

SUPER73 and Vissla

The SUPER73-S2, a collaboration between SUPER73 and Vissla, combines electric mobility with surf culture, featuring a hand-made design inspired by the Vissla resin logo, and offering versatile feat...
Rough Crafts and Super73 Custom Bike

SUPER73 and Rough Crafts

SUPER73 and Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts have collaborated to create the SUPER73-CR_1X, an electric bike that combines cutting-edge technology with Yeh's renowned motorcycle design expertise, result...
Super73 and Spray.Bike contest bike


The SUPER73-RX custom bike, designed through a collaborative partnership with Spray.Bike and chosen by popular vote, showcases the accessibility and creativity of bike customization while featuring...
Super73 and Tout Bien collab bike

SUPER73 and Tout Bien

SUPER73 teamed with Belgian brand Tout Bien Pils to create a bike that is the centerpiece of every party. Find this custom travelling through Europe with the Tout Bien team as they host after-work...
Super73 Black ZX

Custom SUPER73-ZX Black

Be the exclusive owner of our first custom black SUPER73-ZX designed by the HALO team in Europe.
Super73 and Porsche custom bike

SUPER73 Tribute to Porsche

Are you a fan of vintage-inspired bikes with modern performance? Then you'll love SUPER73's HALO bike project that pays homage to Porsche's racing history with a vintage-inspired design and a uniqu...
Super73 and YSL collaboration bike

SUPER73 and Saint Laurent

SUPER73 and Saint Laurent joined forces in 2022 to create a limited edition of electric bikes, blending the spirit of a Californian electric motorbike and the Parisian fashion house. The bikes were...
SUPER73 and Soundboks collaboration bike

SUPER73 and Soundboks

SUPER73 and Soundboks created a custom collaboration bike, the SG1, that combined the sleek design of SUPER73 with the sonic power of Soundboks. The bike was given a complete revamp with reinforced...
SUPER73-ZX bike tribute to Tom Ritchey

SUPER73's Tribute to Ritchey

Read about how we have taken the spirit of Tom Ritchey’s innovation and created "The SUPER73-ZX Team" as an ode to the early stages of mountain biking.
Super73 custom bike inspired by the Wall of Death

SUPER73 and Wall of Death

SUPER73 created a custom electric bike specifically for the wall of death after being impressed by Marvellous Marv, the Dutch wall-of-death rider, at Wheels and Waves in Biarritz. 
SUPER73's tribute bike to Yamaha Tenere

SUPER73's Tribute to Yamaha Ténéré

The SUPER73 600 was built specifically for EICMA 2022 and pays tribute to the 1986 Yamaha Ténéré XT600, known as "The Monster of the Desert" for its dominance in the Paris Dakar. The Ténéré was Yam...
SUPER73 Z-Miami Christmas Custom Bike

SUPER73 Holiday Z-Miami

A one-of-a-kind Z-Miami bike designed for a Christmas 2022 competition, with a reversible cargo platform and a red, white, and green colour scheme, won over the hearts of the team at SUPER73. 
Man riding a Super73-RX in the desert


We know the wait has been long for our new models to arrive, so we thought it would be nice to bring some of them closer to you! We're stopping at 6 locations at some of our top dealers in France a...