The Medical Medium Way of Eating

Not Interested

For the past 8 months I have been following the Medical Medium manner of ingesting. I had sold a few of his books, like his thyroid recuperation ebook, but by no means read it due to the fact my thyroid test results got here into range and feature stayed that manner for some years now. So I offered his books because I knew he believed that viruses had been the basis cause of numerous illnesses, especially Epstein Barr Virus, and I had had this and check consequences showed it; I felt powerless on the idea that a virus had a lot power over my health.


Then after beginning remedy the use of Logosynthesis with Anni Reynolds, she casually requested me if I knew about the Medical Medium way of ingesting and I disregarded it, announcing sure, I wasn’t absolutely interested by it.

Keto Didn’t Work for Me

Then I befell upon some information that introduced his way of ingesting again on my radar, I learned that reducing out carbs, which I had executed by means of ingesting the Wheat Belly way, then ingesting Paleo and Keto, can purpose thyroid problems. I then came across different folks that had said they too had ended up with fitness problems cutting out carbs. (In my restoration from hyperthyroidism I ate whatever I wanted, including plenty of cake and biscuits, as it turned into tough enough to consume because it changed into as I had no urge for food).

So I read the Medical Medium’s first book, which became an outline of his way of consuming, and listened to maximum of his podcasts and looked at his website. And I came to understand that you could slowly work on disposing of the viruses out of your body, and that sure meals had been recovery.

I had felt discouraged about food and its recovery energy, due to the fact I considered I became already ingesting wholesome and it did not anything but make me sicker. I soon got here to realise that slicing out certain food organizations was the hassle.

Celery Juice

I began juicing celery immediately, running out that half of a bunch of celery inside the morning become my sweet spot, in which I failed to detox too fast and my body may want to cope with it.

The Medical Medium is ready to release a e-book about celery juicing.

Within a week most of my digestive signs were long past, namely bloating and acid reflux disease. I even have celery juice most mornings, inside the early days I used to miss the unusual day due to the fact I felt I needed a smash, now I don’t have such sturdy detox signs.

It also took me some time to get my head around his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie which I try and have most days. One of the components is Dulse and I make it into tablets and have it that manner, as having it in the smoothie made me feel quite nauseous once I had it inside the smoothie. You may have all of the elements separately, as long as you have got them all within a 24 hour duration.


He’s large on ingesting Fruit. We have truely been brainwashed to consider that Fruit is bad, and having more fruit in my food regimen has honestly helped with sugar cravings. There’s a sense of satiation that I get ingesting this manner, that I by no means had following any other protocol.


In the last half every week I even have determined to go Vegetarian. I eat approximately 90% vegetarian anyway and I’m feeling less and much less like eating meat and chook and realised with the aid of not committing to it, I become no longer able to look at different meals that would make me feel fuller, developing to Winter. Things like vegan hamburger patties, developing meals which can be heavier.

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